Allium schubertii

Diese Qualitätszwiebeln schicken wir im Herbst. Der Paradiesvogel unter den Alliumsorten. Bulb Spacing ‎: ‎bulbs per sq. Schuberts Lauch, Wunderkerzenblume.

When the flowers are spent, they are . Allium with an almost unbelievable appearance.

Fist-size rose-purple, spidery flower heads of an unusual shape, a wide oval created by flower stalks of unequal length. The look is slightly otherworldly and . These flowers are more than a foot across and look like they are exploding. The seedheads last for weeks and can be dried for floral . Not reliably hardy in cold . Huge globes with star shaped lilac- pink flowers that shoot out of the centre stem. Excellent fresh or dried in . Ornamental tumbleweed onion.

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Lassen Sie sich auf Gartentraeume. Lagerung : Luftig, trocken und kühl. Splayed tendrils in pinky-lilac burst from a compact cluster of star shaped flowers.

Beschreibung Schöne grossblütige Art aus Israel. The flowers measure up to 30cm across are produced. Benötigt Winterschutz, in rauen Gegenden. Blütenfarbe : lila, violett. Für geschützte und warme Stellen im Garten.

Seeing is believing on this late spring flowering Allium. One of the most intriguing selections. Gigantic flowers with loosely arranged florets give these eye-popping spheres a delicate look, despite their basketball . Verwendung: Bienenweidepflanzen, Duftpflanze.

This is an allium like no other. I want to have plants back here . Absolutely MASSIVE blooms that can reach over 12” across! The huge, lax umbel (flower head) of this hard-to-find species has hundreds of pale rose flowers that sit on pedicels of differing lengths, creating a curious and . Weil er nicht höher wird als 45cm kann er wunderbar vorne in Rabatten . Although the plant is quite low growing.

Shorter female florets grow long, while the male florets stretch out to creating a . Ruth Moilliet is a renowned sculptor specialising in metal and glass who undertakes public and private.