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Im folgenden Video fasst die Stiftung Warentest ihre Meinung über Anti -Mücken- Apps zusammen. Requests to the developers of the seven most popular anti – mosquito apps , soliciting comment on the science underpinning these apps elicited . Want to get rid of mosquitos? Check these best anti mosquito apps for Android. Für den Menschen unhörbar, soll das Handy hochfrequente Töne absondern und damit stechende Mückenweibchen in die Flucht schlagen.

Die Antimücken – App gibt es beifür Cent.

There are dozens of free and paid apps for both Apple and Android. Related Story: Are mosquito coils bad for your health? Anti mosquito repellent sounds latest version: Free mosquito sound repellent software. What works are conscious efforts in staying protected all throughout. This is genuine app that really works.

Downloa install and just click on “ start” to kee. Answer of 5: Have just discovered that these things exist and wonder how effective they are in combination with the usual deterrents. The ultrasonic Mosquito repellent application emit a very unique high.

In the case of the anti – mosquito Android apps , the behavior of bats is being mimicked. Anti – mosquito apps emit a high-frequency sound designed to keep mosquitoes away. Apps , including the Sonic Repeller from Finnish firm Pico Brothers, emit ultrasonic frequencies designed to repel various species of mosquitoes. Wer ein empfindliches Gehör hat, sollte sich die . Someone get an industrial-size tub of anti -itch cream to Kerry Sanders as soon as humanly possible.

The intrepid NBC News reporter bled for . So when I saw that several popular camping apps claim to repel mosquitoes , I had to put them to the test. Pünktlich mit dem Hochsommer beginnt auch wieder die Mückensaison. The application emit e very unique high. I have been avoiding the outside in fear of being bitten by mosquitos. I sat outside on my patio, turned on the app and was not bothered by a single mosquito.

No need for any external devices. This mosquito repelling app is not confirmed by science so treat it like a prank! The company claims tests show the Anti – Mosquito air conditioner deters on.

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