Buddleia flower power

Sommerflieder oder Schmetterlingssträucher . Known as Butterfly Bush due to its attraction to butterflies, bi coloured blooms. Available to buy online in the UK. Mit einer noch nie dagewesenen Farb-Kombination (blaue Knospen, die tieforange aufblühen!) gehört dieser Duft-Flieder zu den schönsten Ziergehölzen!

The giant long flowers are carried on a compact bush unlike most varieties that get tall and leggy. Very attractive to butterflies and bees when in flower each summer.

Very hardy and easy to grow – loves sunny spots, reaches 1. De Schmetterlingsflieder Flower Power vereint neben ihrer Schönheit auch Zartheit in ihrem Abbild. Période de floraison ‎: ‎Juin, Juillet, Août, Septe. Relatively compact, hardy and . The sweet fragrant flowers attract butterflies and other beneficial insects to your garden. This colourful, low maintenance butterfly bush has a neat compact habit.

Magical blooms transform from deepest violet to rich butterscotch yellow for an enchanting kaleidoscope of colour. HOW MUCH DO THESE GET CUT BACK . Opis: nenavdna obarvanost socvetij se začne na dnu s ovsem odprtimi cvetovi v odtenkih svetlo .

The reason is obvious – from early summer when it starts blooming until early autumn it produces large, scented . Die Flower Power sehen schon klasse aus. Eine sensationelle, zweifarbige Züchtung. Scents for life Floral scents are the lifeblood of many flowers.

They have evolved to attract suitable pollinators, whether they are bees, butterflies . Sunny, fragrant, colour, perfect in pots, hardy and wildlife friendly. Introducing this magical and unique . Buddleia is almost always accidental. Blomster: Blomstrer i august-september.

Verkauft wird ein zweifarbigen Schmetterlingsflieder. Farbe: lila, orange in einer Blüte, siehe. This trio of three reliable and colorful buddleia packs a lot of flower power into a very attractive value price. Amazing flower color with all the qualities of buddleia.

Bicolor, also called Flower Power in the UK, was derived from Honeycomb open pollinated by B. Pink Pagoda and Blue Boy also seem to be rather more . No matter the size of your garden, we have a buddleia plant thats right for you. Attract bees and butterflies to you garden with our range of buddleia. Purple buddleia flowers are everywhere on the railway network.

Anordnung der Blüten in schönen Rispen.