Ipomoea batatas

Ipomoea batatas (Süsskartoffel) bildet weisse Blüten von Juli bis August. Die Süsskartoffel bildet orangefarbene Früchte von September bis . In unsrem heutigen Video zeigen wir euch die Ernte unserer Süßkartoffel, was man beachten sollte, wie. Tender perennial that is winter hardy to USDA Zones 9-11.

Louis, grow as an annual or dig tubers in fall. Easily grown in average, medium, .

It is hardy to zone (UK) and is frost tender. The species is hermaphrodite . Tipp: Verwenden Sie im Frühling Langzeitdünger. Dieser gibt die Nährstoffe langsam und kontinuierlich ab, so dass die Pflanze über einen längeren . Synonyms : Aniseia edulis, Aniseia edulis, Aniseia batatas.

The genus name, Ipomoea , is Greek for worm-resembling, referring to the sinuous twining stems . This tender tuberous perennial with heart-shape lobe almost black leaves bears trumpet-shaped . Ipomoea is a great plant to add to any floral environment.

Its high versatility makes it . Photo: Sune Holt Munavalate, Vilanculos Distr. Typescripts submitted to the USDA. Convolvulaceae) counts among the most widely cultivated staple crops worldwide, yet the origins of its domestication. Other plants you might know from this family are I. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Ipomoea (family Convolvulaceae). Peru, Japan, Tanzania, and New.

Herbaceous flora of Dehra Dun. Native to South America, this plant is . Eleven species, two named hybrids and an un-named hybrid are known . Other combinations for Convolvulus batatas L. The true experimental laboratory with post test only control. Pflanzen Sie ab Mai, bei wenig Frostgefahr Sollte es nach der Pflanzung noch Bodenfröste geben, bitte die Pflanzen mit einem Vlies oder . Hauswirtschaftliche Bildung.

It belongs to the second most important . Huaman, Zósimo (Ed.) International Potato Center (CIP). It is used as an antiinflammatory, aphrodisiac, .