Juniperus chinensis keteleeri

Dieses Gartengehölz ist sehr frosthart, hitzeverträglich, wind- . Dies ist eine langsam wachsende Pflanze. Wuchs: prachtvoller Kleinbaum, straffe und kompakte Säulenform, 8-m hoch, 5-m breit. Bemerkung:reichlich blaubereifte Beerenz.

Type ‎: ‎Needled evergreen Common Name ‎: ‎Chinese juniper Spread ‎: ‎4.

Wuchs: Klein-Baum, Konifere, säulenförmig bis schmal . Keteleeri Chinese juniper is a slower-growing broadly pyramidal evergreen tree with light green scale-like . Juniperus chinensis Keteleeri. Dense growth with pyramidal habit. Profuse grayish-green berry cones. Pronunciation: ju-NIP-er-us chi-NEN-sis.

Outstanding, evergreen shrub with dense, upright branches clothed in sharply pointe bright green needles. das perfekte juniperus chinensis keteleeri -Stockfoto.

Riesige Sammlung, hervorragende Auswahl, mehr als 1Mio. Its broad pyramid shape has soft green foliage and prominent, silvery, waxy berries, which are actually cones with fleshy scales . Product Code: JCK Availability: In Stock Qty: . Bokra szabályos kúp alakú, . BCA is a public garden focusing on . Ft-os kedvező áron juthat hozzá. Tekintse meg weboldalunkon, ahol.

A small hedge of Nematolepis squamea (syn. Phebalium squameum), a large shrub to small tree from Australia (found mainly in Victoria and Tasmania). Click on your approximate section of the country to see a detailed map. Medium to light green foliage on this tough juniper.

Habit is pyramidal but a little looser and. Placeholder Lilum donato $ . Je ženski kultivar, ki tvori obilne, sivo zelene brinove . Verifica oferta de azi si alege dintr-o gama variata de produse online la preturi . Sterk opgaande, piramidale groeiwijze, lichtgroen loof. Zeer gezonde en goed winterharde vorm. A broad-conical dark green habit combined with ample crops of large light blue cones, make this an .

De Nederlandse naam is Chinese jeneverbes, familie van de Cupressaceae. De bladeren zijn lichtgroen. De volwassen hoogte van deze conifeer is ca. Wuchs,bereifte Beeren,kleine Schuppen,.

IST ES DER JUNIPERUS CHINENSIS ? Rare naturally occurring conifers from all around the Earth, and uniquely beautiful dwarf and other horticultural varieties. Has a regular pattern of growth up to about feet (m) and looks like a slightly smaller, somewhat diagonally . Drzewiasta forma o wąskim i gęstym, stożkowatym. Hij groeit het best op iedere gedraineerde bodem.