Butterworts are found throughout the northern hemisphere. Fettkräuter sind auf der gesamten Nordhalbkugel verbreitet, wobei rund die Hälfte der Arten aus Mexiko stammt. Knowledge is not knowledge unless it is shared. The biology of plants that eat animals (carnivorous plants) is fascinating.

It produces bright purple flowers that have earned the species the alternative names of bog violet and marsh violet. The basic architectural plan of most species in the genus is that of a little .

Pinguicula , Carnivorous Plants, Science Education and Outreach. Carl Linnaeus, wie er mit bürgerlichem Namen vor der . Vegetative and generative morphology of the genus are illustrated and . Photographs are the copyrighted property of each photographer listed. It is in flower from May to July.

Lentibulariaceae) ist Me- xiko und die mittelamerikanische Landbriicke. A taxonomic species within the family . Eleven taxa are endemic to .

Enzymatic secretions from glands on the upper surface of the leaves aid in digestion of insects and other little creatures that try to land or stroll on the . Status, Green – Least concern. Best Time to See, May, June, July. These perennials of the northern United States and Canada are used as a folk . Get help with this component.

Other common names: common butterwort, bog-. Europe east through the Caucasus and Siberia to Kamchatka and Sakhalin . Villegas SG(1), Alcalá RE(1). Seinen Namen trägt das Fettkraut wegen der fettig erscheinenden Blätter.

Speckig leuchten einem die hellgrünen,. Article: PINGUICULA VULGARIS (LENTIBULARIACEAE) AND ITS USES IN NORWAY. Plants: erect, perennial, 2-tall forb, digests tiny insects caught on the . The author gave an interesting and critical summary of what is known of the . Blüten violett, mit behaartem, meist weisslichem . International shipping of rare and exotic plant seeds.

Rosettes and leaf cuttings . A small carnivorous species known as the common butterwort. Of the two subspecies, vulgaris and macroceras .

Authority: Gleason, Henry A. Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent . The habitats in which it occurs are so poor in .