Rudbeckia laciniata

Als Zierstaude für Gärten wird. Bauerngartenstaude, robust und langlebig, dennoch leider selten geworden. Striking plant with tall upright stems divided foliage and many single yellow flowers in late summer. The stems are light green, terete, usually glabrous, and . Schlitzblättriger Sonnenhut (syn.

Goldball, Goldstrahl, Sonnenhut).

Rudbeckia laciniata (Green-headed coneflower) Bransfor W. It is in flower from July to October, and the. Rudbeckien blühen besonders reich und sehr lange – eine unverzichtbare Pflanze für den herbstlichen Garten! Manche Sorten sind sogar winterzierend und . Eine Portion ist meist ausreichend für ca.

Bitte schalten Sie um auf Gramm für größere Mengen. RUDBECKIA laciniata Portion(en).

Im Garten sind meist gefüllte Formen anzutreffen. A beautiful giant for the back of a large open border in retentive soil, or by pondside. Strong leafy branching stems support a long display, in early autumn, . This is a substantial plant . The leaves are large, dark . The cultivar `golden-glow´ is widely . Wet meadows, riparian habitats.

Some cultivars of green-headed coneflower are grown as garden ornamentals, and these may occasionally escape. North America that has been introduced around the world for ornamental purposes. Wild plants are typically found. River banks and floodplains, thickets and moist forests, swamps (including cedar) , wet ditches in (or by) forests and marshy ground. Nelson) Cronquist Show All Show Tabs cutleaf coneflower.

The flowers have long drooping yellow rays and a conical green. A place at the back of the border (a moist spot appreciated) will be ideal for this rather fine plant from . Its nectar and pollen attract a variety of bees, wasps, moths and butterflies.

RHS award of garden merit Perfect for pollinators £ 5. Closely related to Echinacea, . Seien Sie der Erste, der dieses Produkt bewertet. Der leuchtend zitronengelbe, gefüllte Sonnenhut darf in. Common Name: CUTLEAF CONEFLOWER.

Status: Native, FACW (DEP), FACW (NWPL). Specimen: View details of USF . Lovingly known as the Outhouse Plant, this old heirloom selection of Coneflower is still seen in gardens today. Plants form a tall clump of bright-green leaves, .