Escallonia ist eine Pflanzengattung in der Familie der Escalloniaceae. An geschützten Standorten ist die . Diese neue Escallonie blüht sehr reich. Pink Elle produziert schöne rosafarbene Blüten im Sommer. Die Blätter sind dunkelgrün und sehr gesund .

Red Carpet hat sehr schöne, dunkelrosa Blüten mit einem . Die rosafarbenen Blüten erscheinen . Andenstrauch , Escallonie Dart s Rosyred – zartrosa blühen lange Blühdauer. Particularly tolerant of seaside conditions. Noted for its resistance to seaside conditions, Red Dream is . Set in an elevated position, this magnificent family home commands stunning views over Hugh . Uses: Hardy wind break or hedging plant in coastal areas.

Fast growing prefers well-drained soils. It is in leaf all year, in flower from . The Variable Effect of Polyploidization on the Phenotype in Escallonia. Denaeghel HER(1)(2), Van Laere K(1), Leus L(1), Lootens P(1), Van . This recent variety is a dwarf selection of seedlings found at Ladan Nurseries near Douarnenez (Britany, France).

Evergreen, with a very long summer flowering, . The South American Andes are home to most escallonias. Some varieties need shelter from cold winds but they are generally quite hardy. Sein Verbreitungsgebiet liegt hauptsächlich in Chile und . Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch dict. Check availability and enquire now.

Die Blütezeit erstreckt sich von Mai bis August. Prefers dry rather than humid conditions. Escalloniaceae ( Grossulariaceae, Saxifragaceae) In honor of Escallón, a Spanish traveller in South America . This is an exceptional evergreen, thanks to its .

They are tolerant of most soils, . Description: A compact, free flowering shrub with glossy green leaves and deep cerise coloured flowers from spring to autumn. Great care has been taken to restore the. Exposure: Plant in sun near coast, part shade inland. Can be kept much smaller by pruning.

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